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Nicholas W. Weiler, in collaboration with Stephen C. Schoonover, M.D.

Organizations that foster the personal growth of their employees experience higher morale, productivity.

What employers and Human Resources professionals should know

Corporations, large and small, use the techniques detailed in Your Soul at Work because they find that helping employees address their inner values and aspirations as well as the organization's needs boosts employee morale and benefits the bottom line.

The career and performance development process presented in the book is based on extensive research begun at GE and carried on through many other organizations, such as Lockheed Martin, EDS, Citibank, and Oracle. That research demonstrates that the best morale builder is honestly supporting the personal growth of your employees.

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Free White Paper

Called "Soul and Work; Bridging the Gap", this free white paper explains a growing demand for helping employees address their "inner needs" on the job and describes a set tools and techniques for doing do, proven in corporate America. Read the Executive Summary online and download the pdf.

Brief Reflections for Employers and HR Managers

Is your company doing what it can to help people succeed in terms of their own values (and thereby reaping the benefits of doing so)? These brief reflections can provoke an illuminating self-examination around critical ingredients for providing this help

Expert assistance

For expert consultation regarding setting up a proven workforce development program, call Schoonover Associates today or visit Schoonover Associates is an acknowledged pioneer in competency-based Human Capital Management and Human Resources Technology.

Your Soul at Work

It's a simple, fortunate fact: people whose work is consistent with their inner values and feel that their career and life have a direction and meaning are more productive. As an employer or manager of people, you owe it to yourself to read this book and recommend it to your employees.


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