career planning, spirituality and work


Nicholas W. Weiler, in collaboration with Stephen C. Schoonover, M.D.

"Filled with practical, researched advice that is simultaneously both spiritual and profoundly down to earth." -M. Scott Peck, M.D., author of The Road Less Traveled

Are you beginning a job search?

In the Wizard of Oz, the good witch said to Dorothy, "It's always best to start at the beginning." That's reasonable advice, but the best path for planning your career or job search isn't always as clearly marked as the Yellow Brick Road. Where do you begin? And is there a roadmap you can follow to get the best results?

Fortunately, there is a roadmap - a step-by-step "Taking Charge" process you can follow to:

  • decide what you want to do next
  • market yourself into the type of work you choose…and
  • develop the most important skills that distinguish successful people. (They're not what you might think.)

Hi. I'm Nick Weiler, lead author of Your Soul at Work, Five Steps to a More Fulfilling Career and Life. I spent 18 years designing career and job search programs at GE's no-nonsense corporate headquarters. My co-author is Dr. Steve Schoonover, a psychiatrist who left the Harvard Medical School faculty to study what non-technical behaviors distinguish those who succeed in most any type of work.

Our "Taking Charge" career planning and job search process is based not on theory, but on lessons learned in over 20 years working the trenches of corporations like GE, IBM, AT&T, Citibank etc.

In this web site I've tried to present a sampling of ideas and proven techniques from the book that will be helpful to the person on a job search and to people seeking to maximize their happiness in their current situation.

I've included three extensive excerpts from the book to get you going. Just click "Continue" to see more.